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Thursday, June 4th, 2020

This Week's Pictoverbicon

Press upon this Pictoverbicon to see the full 2020 array,

it being like a diary of weekly considerations,

opening in a new page.

A Storyteller's Personal Manifesto for Our Times (evolving)

A Single Vision that Implores a Multifold Vision:

(Tetrationality Forever!)

Social Justice

Unsolved Riddles and All

the Prosperity necessary to it

the Society necessary to it

the Culture necessary to it

the Environment necessary to it

the Democracy necessary to it

the Government necessary to it

the Security necessary to it

the Education necessary to it

the Understandings necessary to it

in particular of

Pluralism :: Complexity (Muddle) :: Overview :: Both-And

and the consequent need to cultivate

Knowledge + Imagination + Compassion + Humour

(the Stephen Leacock Tetrad)

A Tetrad of Post-Covid19 Specific Measures

based on lessons learned

(1) A Guaranteed Annual Income. If we had had that from the beginning the social safety net it would represent would kick in automatically for those in need.This measure would require higher taxation of the progressive redistributive kind.

(2) Massive Reform of Elder Care. Towards Home Care and minimally institutional forms of residence; away from large institutions especially those of the warehousing kind.

(3) Sophisticated Understanding of Risk. Covid19 is a new risk and we don't know how to think about it. We take risks all the time in our daily lives, especially with disease and accidents, and we know how to think about them. We need to apply the same kind of understanding.

(4) Journalism for Our Time. The present whip-saw oscillation between sensationalism and sentimentalism, along with grotesquely inadequate expertise in statistical interpretation on the part of journalists, is making any kind of contextual thinking extremely difficult for those who rely on regular journalism for understanding.

A PIctoverbicon for Our Times

Press upon this Pictoverbicon for a glimpse of the Social Justice Muddlescape

An Organ for Edification and Amusement in Our Times

KnICH Magazine!!!!

Growing out of commitment to

Storytelling by any medium,

Literary Diffusion,

the Stephen Leacock Tetrad of

Knowledge + Imagination + Compassion + Humour

and the

Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice

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