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December 30 1869 to March 28 1944

his wit, his intellect, his humanity,

and his place in Canadian Enlightenment

Revised September 4 2018


A Stephen Leacock Sesquicentennial (& Septuagintaquinquennial)

(i.e. a Sesqui-cum-triaquartariacentennial)

(i.e. his 150th (birth) and 75th (death) Anniversary)

150-75 :: CL-LXXV

Work on the Sesquicentennial now begins in earnest. What came before was mere dabbling.

It will pass through four stages for the rest of this year and next:

September 4th to September 27th

Preparations for the Preparations

September 28th to March 27th


March 28th to December 30th


This site will be up-dated with all the latest ideas on September 28th.

Stephen Leacock Key Words:

Unsolved Riddles • Social Justice • Education • Knowledge • Imagination • Compassion • Humour

Stephen Leacock was born in Hampshire, England on December 30, 1869, emigrated to Canada in 1876, and died in Toronto on March 28th, 1944. Next year—2019—will be therefore the 150th anniversary of his birth and the 75th anniversary of his death, a sesquicentennial and a triaquatariacentennial (septuagintaquinquennial?) in the same year. Our Stephen Leacock Sesquicentennial practices celebration by exploration. We explore who Stephen Leacock was, what he did, what he believed, what he said, what he passed along to us, and how that happened. We explore, portray, and celebrate him, warts and all, for the inconsistent Canadian prophetic genius that he was.
More specifically:
(1) To remember and celebrate Stephen Leacock, viewing him as a teacher, public intellectual, and literary man, unconfined within conventional academic disciplines, writing and speaking voluminously on education, literature, economics, politics, political science, history, occasionally science, sometimes seriously, sometimes humorously, sometimes both, and an important contributor to the evolving Canadian Enlightenment. In particular, he proposed that complex and internally contradictory public issues be viewed as Unsolved Riddles and creatively approached in that spirit, using a Tetrad of four strands woven into continually evolving temporary solutions in pursuit of Social Justice, the Leacock Tetrad being Knowledge, Imagination, Compassion, and Humour. (2) To explore the Canadian Enlightenment itself and to acknowledge and remember the people who have made it, including:

• its beginnings in the years before Leacock;

• his contributions and where they fit with others of his time;

• its evolution, contributors and stories since then;

• where it might possibly go next.

Stephen Leacock proposed a Canadian political economy pursuing National Development and Social Justice through an entrepreneurial, liberal, enterprising economy and society, regulated in the public interest by democratic politics and institutions to smooth out its excesses, fill any gaps it might leave, deal with its externalities, and provide for its future.

He imagined a contented, creative, fulfilled population, meeting their own needs, caring for each other, enjoying life, and expanding its possibilities. He liked the idea of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", but adding Social Justice.

He studied the country and society with a "both-and", not an "either-or", mind; in fact, an "all of the above" mind.

Has anyone come up with a better idea?

This Stephen Leacock Sesquicentennial is produced by Paul W Conway
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