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Revised January 18th, 2017

Leslie and Paul contemplating

"My Discovery of the West" —

for Stephen Leacock a First Discovery

for us a Re-Discovery after long familiarity

photo by Karen Bell 2016

You are now about to enter the Home of

Voyageur Storytelling Litera-Tours

and in particular

Stephen Leacock's "My Discovery of the West"

Re-Tour 2017

A Canadian Sesquicentennial Celebration

True Blushful Hippocrene 150 Proof

More good food, good listening and good company

but in different forms and places

Stephen Leacock toured from Port Arthur - Fort William (Thunder Bay) to Victoria

November 1936 to January 1937

We will Re-Tour from Orillia to Victoria

October 20th to November 28th 2017

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What is a Leacock

Litera-Tour and How Does It Work?

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Partial Explanations

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During all those years (2001-2016) when we were hosting Country Supper Storytelling Concerts we dreamed of touring. We even did some of it — in Grey-Bruce (the Chautauquas of 2007), in southern Ontario (the Chordelle concerts of 2008) — but other commitments got in the way, and the time to organize properly for the country-wide touring of our dreams simply was not there. Now we are ready to try again.

Our style of storytelling has always been, on the whole, quite literary and musical, using the music primarily to enhance people's enjoyment of the literary tales.

Stephen Leacock helps us enormously, because some of his works perform so well, either spoken or sung. And besides, he is a fascinating Canadian literary character: a good storyteller, and a good story.

A Newfound Stephen Leacock

Most people identify Stephen Leacock as a humorist closely associated with Orillia, or even living there. He was in fact a summer and Christmas-holiday resident, although abidingly fond of the place. The rest of the year he lived in Montreal, and taught at McGill.

The "humorist" part of his reputation is more problematic. He was one, famous in his day and beyond, also a political economist with a strong concern for social justice, a commentator on a wide range of public issues, and a diverse man of letters.

He set out to "Discover the West". We set out to discover him, by following his footsteps. All of them.

Leacock Litera-Tours

You should expect to hear a lot of Stephen Leacock, both stories by him, and stories about him. We tell the great classics, and some surprises. He wrote over 1,400 pieces and lived a most interesting life, which gives lots of scope. We also have our own repertoire, well tested with audiences.

Leacock Litera-Tour 2017

Ports of Call: Orillia, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Victoria.

Dates: October 20th to November 28th, 2017.

In 2014 we received support from the Ontario Arts Council for our Stephen Leacock project, which included our "A Pocketful of Mariposies" concert. We remain grateful. The Stephen Leacock project continues in other media, primarily print and blog, and now even more gloriously in the 2017 Re-Tour. See .

We call ourselves "storytellers" because we tell stories. That is not all we do, and are, however. The full form would be: We are creators and performers of fine musico-literary vocal art entertainments with a strong narrative bent.

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After starting as a kindergarten teacher ...

and years as a Storyteller and Producer ...

her warm and unique presence lights up ...


After starting as an econometrician ...

through careers of becoming diversity ...

way led twistingly on to way to reach ...

the Voyageur Experience

The Voyageur Experience is about to change, and this whole web site with it. What we stand for artistically, however, will not change.

What will Leslie do, when not touring?

Some knitting and quilting no doubt. Some grandmothering beyond question. The long-awaited Voyageur Storytelling cookbook perhaps. And her teaching at the synagogue in Owen Sound continues.

What will Paul do? Projects!

Writing, composing, publishing.

Building, maintaining, repairing.

Making trails, walking them, observing.

Keeping up his personal web site and blogs:,


Stay tuned!

The background image you will see frequently on this site is borrowed from Barnett Newman's Voice of Fire

now in the National Gallery, Ottawa. We like it because we are in the voice business, where fire is good.

What's a Story, in our storytelling world?

A story is a story, or a song, or a poem, or a passage, or a collage, or an anecdote, or a quick flip of words, but always itself, speaking to your self.
A concert is a bundle of stories, and its own story.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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