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15 Summer Seasons

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Up-dated November 15, 2016

A Country Supper Storytelling Concert is just what the name suggests: an excellent traditional evening meal followed by first-rate professional entertainment, all in a rural setting. William Wordsworth said that poetry "takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." Storytelling finds its destination in the same place.

The woodlands and open spaces of Northern Bruce Peninsula , their alvars, meadows, bosks and bogs with their rich communities of flora and fauna, offer that fundamental tranquility. The stories themselves swell with emotion. The tellers and you the audience are the means of recollection.

Storytelling is a joint artistic venture of the teller and the audience. We create the work of art together. Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, the story makes no sound if you cannot hear it.

For you to play and enjoy your part to the utmost, you need a full stomach. Emotion, tranquility, and food! These are the essential elements of the art of storytelling, in our style at least.

And such stories, such food! The best tales and ballads from the classical and folk traditions, Canadian, world-wide, and Voyageur's own. The proud yield of the farms and waters of Bruce and Grey, flavoured and garnished by the exotic gardens of the world.

Our concert for 2016 is called Swan Song because this is our final season,

For more details see this year's Repertoire page.

For more on our general approach to storytelling and the art of creating concerts and events, we refer you to The Voyageur Experience

Each performance includes a full seven-course Country Supper, and a Storytelling Concert in two halves with an intermission, when we serve dessert.

In the tradition of country meals we do not offer much choice in the menu, but if you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, you need only tell us when you make your reservation (or otherwise as soon as possible but not, please, at the last minute) and we will do our best to look after you.

We are not licensed to serve wine, beer or liquor. On your arrival we will serve you a glass of our Amazing Punch, and during dinner chilled water from our deep, pristine well. Before the concert and during intermission we offer fair trade organic coffee (regular or decaf) and a wide selection of black, green and herbal teas.

We have completed fourteen seasons, and people have responded with most touching warmth. We hope that our fourteenth (2016) season will be just as well received.

The 2016 Summer Season will be organized in this way:

** The Season will run from mid-June to mid-September. See our Schedule for exact dates.

** During the Season we will normally be open for regular concerts three evenings per week: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

** We offer our Sabbath concert on Friday evenings by special arrangement, but only for groups of 6-10. Please give two weeks notice.

Our 2016 prices are (tax included):

Regular admission: $50.00;

Seniors and Students: $45.00;

Youth and Children: $40.00

The group rate is $44 per person for groups of six or more. Group rates apply for any group booking ahead for any performance.

If you like to see things in tables you can see them on our Schedule page. It will open on a new page.

These fusions of hospitality and fine performing art are, as far as we know, unique in the world. To describe a Country Supper Storytelling Concert as storytelling dinner theatre in a home setting is technically accurate, but does not really do justice to the quality of the experience. Our audiences tell us repeatedlly that it is highly unusual and very fine.


Reservations are required for all performances. For regularly scheduled performances we can take same-day reservations, if we have space. It is always wise to reserve at least a day ahead, more so during the height of the season, or if you are coming as a group. Please see our section on Reservations for further details on our practices and policies.

Meals: Country Suppers

A typical Voyageur Storytelling supper looks like this:

We vary the buns, soup and main course on different evenings. The other parts of the menu don't change much. We believe that once you have got something perfect, why mess around with it? Where we do vary, it's because we have found different ways to be perfect.

On Friday evenings, by special arrangement, we would serve a traditional Jewish Sabbath meal: gefilte fish, challah, chicken soup with matzo balls, roast chicken with potato kugel, vegetables, and salad, with the usual dessert. The Sabbath meal is always a special occasion at Voyageur Storytelling.

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