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When we speak of our "repertoire" we mean two things. First, and obviously, we mean the "stories" we tell, which include spoken narratives of all kinds, poems, songs, and anything else we think will amuse and-or intrigue our audiences. Second, we mean the "concerts" that we create, which are shaped bundles of stories designed to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This section of our web site describes (or will when complete) our entire repertoire, both concerts and stories. We begin with concerts.

Country Supper Storytelling Concerts began in 2002, when we moved to Bruce Peninsula. They have been the focus of most of our storytelling energy ever since. For the first five years we presented six concerts each summer in a weekly cycle. Each year (except the second) we changed the themes and name of the concerts, added some new material, and retained some from the previous year. By 2008, when it had become clear that our audiences did not need six concerts, we reduced the number to three: a Sabbath concert (actually more of an "experience"), and two others. In 2009 our two concerts were almost entirely new, just for a change. On the other hand, in 2011, our 10th Anniversary year, we brought back many old favourites. Now we are back to mixtures of old and new, and this pattern will probably continue. Themes however will continue to change. We need to keep fresh.

The concerts marked by the images alongside are those from past years that we keep more or less permanently in the repertoire.

Country Supper Storytelling Concerts were inspired by the house where we now live. We were looking for a home-cum-performing-space on Bruce Peninsula, the ideas being possibly a storytelling café, or a storytelling bed-and-breakfast. When the real estate agent showed us this house, we immediately realized it was well suited for house concerts, and supper concerts in particular. And so it has proved.

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Concerts Year by Year: Table of Contents

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Before 2002



Elements 1


Elements 2


Elements 3


Elements 4






Humour Hunt


Food & Forty-Five


Rivers & Lakes


Fire & Water


Going in Circles


Time & Place


Leacock & Memory


Leacock & Old Hat

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