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Our 2002 Summer Concerts

First Season

The preview took place in our home, and was well attended. The details of what we performed seem to have disappeared, at least temporarily. The hunt continues. We think the concert began with "Loomings" (Herman Melville), because that piece caused the reporter from the Owen Sound Sun-Times, Shawn Giilck, to sit up and take notice. His experience with storytelling had not led him to expect anything like this. Leslie's brownies clinched the good impression, and we received most generous press coverage from him for several years, until he and his wife moved away.

Image: Source unknown

Shabbat Shalom

Friday Sabbath Concert

Invocation: Sabbath Blessings & Opening Meditation

Shalom Aleichem ... I. Goldfarb, arr. G. Aldema

The Rabbi Laughed Thrice ... Voyageur, from Meyer Levin

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ... T.S. Eliot

Nigun Talmudei Besht ... Traditiona, arr. Ben Steinberg

The Dying Rabbi ... Author Unknown

Dona, Dona, Dona ... Aaron Zeitlin & Shalom Secunda


The Nigun ... Traditional

The Loon's Gift ... Voyageur

Cuando el Rey Nimrod ... Traditional Ladino

Coat Tale ... Voyageur from Traditional

Three Sabbath Images ... A.M. Klein

Eli, Eli ... Hannah Senesh & David Zahavi

Image: Source unknown

Leacock Light

Invocation: The Anatomy of Humour ... Morris Bishop

My Financial Career ... Stephen Leacock

The Lay of the Lovesick Beagle ... Wagner & Voyageur

The Stupid Carp ... I. B. Singer

The Wonder Fish ... Beethoven & Voyageur

A Loving Voyage:

. Cupid's Despair ... Morris Bishop

. Mixed Bathing ... Terry Thomas

. The Darlin' Baby ... Arthur Whiteside

Bulbes! Potatoes ... Traditional


Q, A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural

... Stephen Leacock

The Frolicsome Sea Captain, or Tit for Tat

... Mozart & Voyageur

The Dying Rabbi ... Author Unknown

The Ballad of Angus Ogilvie, Pioneer of Puslinch

... Voyageur

Boarding House Geometry ... Stephen Leacock

In the Bath ... Flanders & Swann

Image: Voyageur

Blind MacNair

Invocation: Out of the Rolling Ocean ... Walt Whitman

Barnacle Bill the Sailor ... Traditional

Love in Diversity:

. Cupid's Despair ... Morris Bishop

. Mixed Bathing ... Terry Thomas

. The Darlin' Baby ... Arthur Whiteside

. Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town ... e.e. cummings

Goodbye and Good Luck! ... Grace Paley

The Lady of the Lake ... Voyageur, from Traditional


Blind MacNair ... Thomas Raddall

Image: Source unknown

Fowl Play and the Fur Flies

Invocation: Cyclops ... Margaret Atwood

My Dog Crab ... Shakespeare

The Lay of the Lovesick Beagle

... Richard Wagner & Voyageur

The Stupid Carp ... Isaac Beshevis Singer

From Crow ... Ted Hughes

. Crow Goes Hunting

. Crow's Elephant Totem Song

The Ostrich ... Michael Flanders & Donald Swann


The Colour of Birds ... Voyageur

The Raven ... Edgar Allen Poe

Cinderella of the Snows ... Voyageur

Bear Goes to Bat ... Voyageur (with Donizetti)

The Dickybird and the Owl

... Margaret A. Sinclair & Arthur Sullivan

Image: The Bell Piano Company, Guelph

Wet and Wildness

Invocation: Inversnaid ... Gerard Manley Hopkins

How Voyaging Was Discovered ... Voyageur

Loomings ... Herman Melville

The Song My Paddle Sings

... E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake

Salute the Route ... Sullivan & Voyageur

The Well at the World's End ... Voyageur from Traditional

Voyaging in Perspective:

The Road Not Taken ... Robert Frost

By the Waters of Babylon ... Psalm 137

The Voyageur ... Philip Child

A la Claire Fontaine ... Traditional


Chasse-Galère ... Voyageur

Image: Franz Johnston, doctored by Voyageur



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