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Chordelle: The Old Masters Concert

A Special Concert Tour

We presented this concert also in Hamilton, Guelph and Kitchener.

Chordelle: The Old Masters Concert

When I’m Calling You ... Prelude from a Whip-Poor-Will Recorded on Bruce Peninsula
Fanfare Canadienne ... Overture from Anne by Benjamin Britten, arranged by Voyageur
Like an Old Proud King in a Parable Poem ... from Leslie & Paul by A.J.M. Smith
Song of the North ... Epic Chordelle from the Ensemble by Voyageur, with music by Richard Wagner
Quiet ... Poem from Leslie by Marjorie Pickthall
Fantasie Alouette ... Pulsation from Anne by Benjamin Britten, arranged by Voyageur
Whip-Poor-Will ... Case History from Leslie by Voyageur
Jennifer Dancing ... Poem from Paul by Crispin Elsted
Eugenia, the Mermaid of Yellowknife Bay ... Ragtime Romance from Anne and Paul by Scott Joplin, made seaworthy by Voyageur
Preparation ... Poem from Leslie by P.K. Page
The Abduction from the Cooking Pot, or
Three Little Pigs: the Opera
... Operatic Chordelle from the Ensemble by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, libretto by Voyageur


Valse Canadienne ... Overture from Anne by Benjamin Britten, arranged by Voyageur

Cinderella of the Snows ... Furry Tale from Leslie, a Traditional Tale adapted by Voyageur
The Ecstasy of Theodore Frederick Molt ... Canon from the Ensemble by Ludwig van Beethoven,
The Voyageur ... Poem from Leslie and Paul by Philip Child
Fawn Attack ... Spotted Chordelle from the Ensemble
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, stippled by Voyageur
The Rattlesnake ... Rattling Chordelle from the Ensemble
by Franz Schubert, envenomed by Voyageur
The Wonder Fish ... Truthful Chordelle from the Ensemble by Ludwig van Beethoven, verified by Voyageur
The Holy Place ... Poem from Paul by Crispin Elsted
Sing a Good Song ... Inviting Chordelle from the Ensemble by Guiseppe Verdi, greened by Voyageur
The Chickadee ... Zoological Chordelle from the Ensemble Traditional, re-menageried by Voyageur


The Operatic Grizzly Bear ... Ursuline Chordelle
by Arthur S. Sullivan & Margaret Sinclair, agitated by Voyageur
Home on the Bruce ... Patriotic Chordelle using a traditional tune, re-inspired by Voyageur

Our 2008 Summer Concerts

The Great Canadian Humour Hunt

Don’t Play Bingo Tonight, Mother! ... Al Harvey & Bert Pearl
My Financial Career ... Stephen Leacock

Boarding House Geometry ... Stephen Leacock

How to Build a Fence ... Bob Snider
I Just Love Dogs ... Ethel Wilson
Salute the Route! ... A. Sullivan & Voyageur
The Dog Song ... Kim Bishop, arr. Voyageur


Bear Goes to Bat ... Voyageur with Donizetti
Rattlesnake Chanty ... Traditional & Voyageur
Cinderella of the Snows ... Voyageur
Ticklish Reuben ... Cal Stewart & Voyageur
Coat Tale ... Traditional
Little Chickadee ... Traditional & Voyageur
Home on the Bruce ... Tradition & Voyageur

After each performance of this concert our guests voted for the funniest piece. The winners were, in a tie: Salute the Route! and My Financial Career.

Almost an Island

A Concert about Bruce Peninsula

Invocation: Look, Stranger! ... W. H. Auden

Ice Water Wash ... Voyageur & Leonard Cohen
From The Prelude ... William Wordsworth
Rattlesnake Chanty ... Voyageur from Traditional
The Colour of Birds ... Voyageur from Traditional
Cyclops ... Margaret Atwood
The Rattlesnake ... F. Schubert & Voyageur
F Is For Fire ... Voyageur


Enoch Lightning and the Alvar ... Voyageur (with G. Puccini)
The Year of the Truck ... Bev Sawyer
Orchid Chanty ... Voyageur from Traditional
Echoes of Esma ... Esma Rouse
Fawn Attack ... W.A. Mozart & Voyageur
Mukwohnaeyausheeng ... Voyageur
This Best of All Possible Peninsulas ... L. Bernstein & Voyageur
Home on the Bruce ... Voyageur

Used Previously:

Who Needs Nightingales? ... Voyageur (from E.B. Browning)
The Wonder Fish ... Beethoven and Voyageur
Bruce Peninsula Moz-Art ... W.A. Mozart & Voyageur

From 2008 to 2010 we presented a different kind of event on Friday evenings. Previously, and again in 2011, we served a traditional Sabbath meal, and then performed a concert of Jewish stories and songs. For those three years, however, we joined our guests for the meal and, between courses, performed the stories and songs. These would typically include:

Shehcheyanu — blessing arranged by Ben Steinberg

Sabbath Blessings for lighting of candles, sweet wine and challah bread

Shalom Aleichem — Israel Goldfarb & Gil Aldema

Sabbath Prayer — from Fiddler on the Roof by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock

Bread & Teeth — by Boris Bruser (a Canadian praire merchant)

Sahaki — our translation of a traditional song

Elijah the Guest — traditional story told by Leslie

The Age-Old Question — Yiddish song sung translated by Paul

Bulbes! (Potatoes!) — Yiddish song sung by Leslie with simultaneous translation by Paul (this song is a classic of the Voyageur Jewish repertoire)

The Nigun, or The Wooden Sword — traditional stories told by Leslie

Havenu Shalom Aleichem and Hava Nagila — traditional songs sung and danced by everyone

Wandering Jews — anecdotes of Canadian Jewry, told by Paul

Grace after Eating

Nigun Talmudei Besht — arranged by Ben Steinberg

Prayer — by A.M. Klein

Eli, Eli — by Hannah Senesh & David Zahavi

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