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Explanatory Note

When we speak of our "repertoire" we mean two things. First, and obviously, we mean the "stories" we tell, which include prose stories of all kinds, poems, songs, and anything else we think will amuse and-or intrigue our audiences. Second, we mean the "concerts" that we create, which are shaped bundles of stories designed to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This section of our web site describes (or will when complete) our entire repertoire, both stories and concerts. It is arranged by year (see linked list at the bottom of the page), beginning with the most recent.

Revised June 6, 2013

Our 2013 Concerts

Note: where no author or composer is shown, the material is our own.

Summer Season

For our Summer Season we will feature two new concerts — One Hundred Acres (about our place in Northern Bruce Peninsula) and The Whirligig of Time (about time, and timespace, and other inescapables) — in our regular schedule of Country Supper Storytelling Concerts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings in season (mid-June to mid-September).

Details of these concerts are presented below.

For image credits, see below.

One Hundred Acres

June 8, 2013

We borrowed this title from a 1938 novel ("Trente Arpents" ("Thirty Acres")), by Ringuet (Philippe Panneton)), but not its mood. When we came to our place on Bruce Peninsula late in 2001, some neighbours asked us what we planned to so with the land. We said we would put the whole thing in canola as soon as we could figure out how to get it ploughed. Since the landscape is all rock and bush, we set no deadline for this particular ambition, resolving in the interim only to walk on the land for both pleasure and the organic cultivation of words. Words it has most fruitfully yielded, in hundreds of country supper storytelling concerts, as well as Shakespeare readings, stories, poems, song lyrics, web pages, essays, letters, e-mails, and conversations with, we hope, many more to come. We have tried to walk creatively too, lightly weaving a system of trails in mystical forms into the fabric of the land. In this concert we share with you a diverse sample of both words and the spirit of the trails.

One Hundred Acres

This concert consists entirely,

one way or another, of our own material,

although often with help from others,

especially in the composition of music


A Time to Walk … modelled on Robert Frost

Storytelling Concert

F is for Fire (pastiche) ... with folk melodies

A Tale of Trails (story)

Lucky the Labrador (chordelle*) ... music by Donizetti

The Colour of Birds (story)

Who Needs Nightingales? (poem)

The Rattlesnake (chordelle) ... music by Schubert


Enoch Lightning and the Alvar (story)

... melody by Puccini

A Triad of Waulfing Chordelles:

• Fawn Attack ... music by Mozart

• The Wonder Fish ... music by Beethoven

• A Slow Walk ... music by Scott Joplin

Mukwohnaeyaasheeng (poem)

Sing a Good Song (chordelle) ... music by Verdi

Home on the Bruce (campfire song)

... our candidate for Bruce Peninsula's Official Song!

* chordelle = a musical form invented by Voyageur Storytelling, an unique fusion of storytelling, classical music especially opera, and authentic northern Canadian spirit

Cover Image: Aerial photo of Lot 56, Conc. 1 EBR, Lindsay Twp., thanks to Bruce County, showing our trail system.

See Landscape section for more information.

The Whirligig of Time

June 8, 2013

Time surrounds us like the air we breathe, and we think about it to much the same extent, that is, not at all unless it is causing us problems. Theoretical physicists think about it constantly, but their thoughts have almost nothing to do with our common existence. Considering the extent to which Time is woven into our lives — our daily absolute dependency — there might be some advantages to knowing more about it, as people, that is, not as physicists. The results of such effort are often only a confusing tangle of ideas, because Time is a slippery customer indeed. But slippery customers inhabiting confusing tangles are meat and drink to us. Therefore in this concert we grasp the squirming eel of this phenomenon, tie knots in it and flog it until it settles down. Which it does, of course, eventually. Storytellers: 1; obfuscating physicists: 0.

The Whirligig of Time


A Time to Talk … Robert Frost

Storytelling Concert

Spinning with the Whirligig

The first half of this concert takes the form of a continuous pastiche. Brief quotations to illustrate differing perspectives on Time

connect the major elements, which are:

• Time's Glory (poem) ... Shakespeare

• My Grandfather's Clock (song) ... Henry Clay Work

• Everything in Season (poem) ... Ecclesiastes

• The Walrus and the Carpenter (poem) ... Lewis Carroll

• Knowing the Future (story) ... A. Y. Heshel

• The Whirligig of Time (song) ... tune by Michel Legrand

• Fern Hill (poem) ... Dylan Thomas

• The Urge for Going (song) ... Joni Mitchell

Meditation in Morse (song)

... tune by Barrington Pheloung

The bridging quotations are by T.S. Eliot, Glen Duncan,

Craig Callender, Michio Kaku, Don Delillo, Susan Glaspell,

Jeanette Winterson, Julian Barnes, J. A. Wheeler, Zona Gale,

Ken Kesey and Samuel Beckett


How I Lost My Diamond Ring ... (story)

Two-Timed Too Often (song) ... Tex Ritter

Time and the Witch Vivien (skit) ... W. B. Yeats

As Time Goes By (song) ... Herman Hupfeld

Do the Dead Know what Time it is? (poem)

... Kenneth Patchen

The Voyageur (poem) ... Philip Child

The Door (story)

The Wind and the Rain (song) ... Shakespeare

Home on the Bruce (campfire song)

Cover Image: Whirligig quilted wall hanging by Daphne Stewart, of Sunnyside, Washington, used with her kind permission.

Photo courtesy of the The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative,,

Discovered through the quilting web site of Michele Foster, in Ottawa

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