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Explanatory Note

When we speak of our "repertoire" we mean two things. First, and obviously, we mean the "stories" we tell, which include prose stories of all kinds, poems, songs, and anything else we think will amuse and-or intrigue our audiences. Second, we mean the "concerts" that we create, which are shaped bundles of stories designed to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This section of our web site describes (or will when complete) our entire repertoire, both stories and concerts. It is arranged by year (see linked list at the bottom of the page), beginning with the most recent.

Revised July 7, 2015

Our 2015 Concerts

Note: where no author or composer is shown, the material is our own.

For our 14th Summer Season we will feature two new concerts: A Pocketful of Mariposies (reanimating the spot made famous by Stephen Leacock, the great Canadian teacher, lecturer, political economist, historian and humorist), and Roads Often Taken (presenting a new mixture of old Voyageur Storytelling favourites and other pieces we have performed before). We will present these in our now habitual schedule of Country Supper Storytelling Concerts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings from mid-June to mid-September.

Details of these concerts are presented below.

For image credits, see below.

A Pocketful of Mariposies

April 9, 2015

In this concert we speak about Stephen Leacock and give him ample opportunity to speak for himself, which he dearly liked to do. We also let his friends speak about him. Stephen Leacock was a man of such multiplicity of facets that several concerts would be required to do justice to them all. We select a few for special attention. Where dates are given below, they refer to the years ofpublication for pieces written by Stephen Leacock.


Elongating the Tale of Stephen Leacock


Ode to Leaky Steamcock, in the style of Ram Spudd

Storytelling Concert

Welcome to Stephen Butler Leacock

Laughing the Laugh

My Financial Career (1895 & 1910)

A Morning Off (1943)

Talking the Talk

Education Made Agreeable: Lord Ullin's Daughter (1915)

The Unsolved Riddle of Women

The Great Radio Caper (from J.E. McDougall)

Walking the Walk

The Iron Man and the Tin Woman (1929)


Mariposeur's Progress

Mariposa Song (tune by Sir Arthur Sullivan)

Boarding House Geometry (1897 & 1910)

A Study in Still Life: The Country Hotel (1910)

Singing the Talk

Ho for Happiness (Libretto by Leacock,1932)


We are grateful for the support of the Ontario Arts Council

for this concert and our larger Stephen Leacock exploration.

Cover Image:

We adapted our cover image from two sources: a post card of the main street of Huntsville, Ontario (Paul's home town), taken some years ago, courtesy of the

Muskoka Digital Archive, and Canada Post's commemorative stamp of 1969, the one-hundredth anniversary of Leacock's birth.

The likeness of Leacock is taken from a photograph by Yousuf Karsh engraved by George Arthur Gundersen.

Roads Often Taken

March 20, 2015

Every few years we like to do an "old favourites" concert, with a selection of pieces that people have said they particularly enjoy hearing or that we particularly enjoy performing, these two criteria being essentially the same. We have a distinctive approach to storytelling repertoire. These concerts say something about who we are and what we believe in. This one presents some stories, some songs (most from our "chordelle" repertoire), some poems—some of our own stuff, and some created by others. (Chordelle, by the way, is the name we give to our fusions of new lyrics with old music, frequently from opera or operetta.



A Time to Walk … modelled on Robert Frost

Storytelling Concert

Preparation (poem) ... P.K. Page

Lochinvar (ballad) ... Sir Walter Scott

Tumble Down (story)

Salute the Route (song) ... Sir Arthur Sullivan

Whip-poor-will (story) ... Robert Louis Stevenson

Nigun Talmudei Besht (song) ... arr. Ben Steinberg

Kubla Khan (poem) ... S.T. Coleridge

Lucky the Labrador ... D. G. Donizetti

The Woodcarver and the Painter ... Traditional Mongolian

The Abduction from the Cooking Pot, or

Three Little Pigs, the Opera ... W.A. Mozart


How Fire Came (story)

Cinderella of the Snows (story)

The Wonder Fish (non-fiction) ... L.v. Beethoven

The Return of Lochinvar (sequel)

The Road Not Taken (poem) ... Robert Frost

The Spotted Hawk (promise) ... Walt Whitman

Home on the Bruce (campfire song)

Cover Image: Highway interchange near Ridderkirk, Holland, photographed by Mawijk, published by Wikipedia Creative Commons.

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