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How to Contact Us, Find Us, or Make Reservations

Reservations are required for all Country Supper Storytelling Concert performances. For scheduled performances, it is always wise to call a day ahead, but we can take same-day reservations if we have space. If we do not have any reservations by the end of the previous day, we cancel the performance. For unscheduled performances (available only to groups of six to ten persons), we need a week's notice.

Contact Us for Reservations

For Reservations:

Telephone: (519) 795-7477


Mailing Address:

56 Brinkman's Road, R.R. 1

Miller Lake, Ontario N0H 1Z0


Our Location

You will find our home, where our Country Supper Storytelling Concerts take place, at:

Coordinates: N45° 6' 57", W81° 25' 33"

56 Brinkman's Road

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (Lindsay Township)

Province of Ontario, Canada.

For a Map showing our location, click Here: Map.

The turns-off from Highway 6 (there are two of them) are about 20 km north of Ferndale, and 20 km south of Tobermory.

Route A, from the South: Drive north for roughly 20 km north of Ferndale on Highway 6 to the Hamlet of Miller Lake, which is 2 km (1.25 miles) north of Miller Lake Road (the road to the lake itself). Turn right onto Lindsay Road 30. Drive 2 km (1.25 miles) east and then .6-km (.4 miles) north on Brinkman's Road to number 56, on the right-hand (east) side.

Route B, from the North or East: Dyers Bay Road, the main east-west road north of us, can be reached from Highway 6 20 km south of Tobermory, or from the East Road from Lion's Head and the Cape Chin area, or from the Hamlet of Dyers Bay. Brinkman's Road meets Dyers Bay Road just a few yards east of the junction with Highway 6. Voyageur Storytelling is 1.6 km (one mile) south of Dyers Bay Road. Number 56 is on the left-hand (east) side.

Be careful of some maps! They can contain errors. Highway 6, Brinkman's Road, and Lindsay Road 30 make a triangle. The Hamlet of Miller Lake lies at the southwest corner, Dyers Bay Road at the northern corner. The best map is the official Grey-Bruce Official Visitors Map. The Daytrip Companion published by Tobermory Press has an excellent map too. These maps can be obtained at any visitor centre and in many stores.

Don't be confused by our geographic names! Northern Bruce Peninsula has its own distinctive approach to geographic naming. For example, Brinkman's Road is not at Brinkman's Corner. Brinkman' s Corner is the intersection of Dyers Bay Road and East Road, 4 km (2.5 miles) east of Brinkman's Road. These names honour two different branches of the pioneering Brinkman family. Another example: the Hamlet of Miller Lake is not at Miller Lake (the lake) or on Miller Lake Road (which leads to the lake). The Hamlet of Miller Lake and Lindsay Road 30, where you turn for Voyageur Storytelling, are 2 km (1.25 miles) north of Miller Lake Road.

Sorry about the confusion. It's historical.

Pets, Ours and Yours

We have plenty of room for you to walk your dog. We regret that we do not yet have improved trails for you to walk on our property without a guide. The terrain is quite rough. The road out front, however, is lightly travelled and pleasant for walking. Some of our parking places are shaded, or we can provide you with a shaded stake-out and water, at no extra charge. We are not in the dog-custodian business, however. The facilities are rustic and minimal, and you use them at your own risk. Please keep your dog on the leash, as we do during the nesting season. The whip-poor-wills nest behind the house, and we don't want them disturbed, or any other ground-nesters. Dogs and rattlesnakes do not mix well.

We have a dog and a cat. We keep the cat out of the dining and performing areas at all times during the summer. The rest of the year he is a house cat.

Our dog is confined or closely supervised during the Spring and Summer months. At other times she may be loose in the yard. She is a bit reserved, although eventually friendly, but if you do not like dogs, and we are not outside to greet you, please honk your horn and stay in your car until we arrive. If the dog is loose we are not far away.

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