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Up-Dated March 1, 2019


This portal will become fully operational on March 28th, which is Launch Day. For the time being it remains a work in progress. The substance of the Hunt for the Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, the centre-piece of this Celebration, will appear in the three blogs listed on the Main Page, linked through either logo above.

We envisage 225 postings during the nine months of the Celebration (150+75), spread among the three blogs and two social media sites. That's five postings per week, which is a hot pace, making the hunt a galloping one indeed. We may not be able to keep it up. We may end up with less.

This portal will certainly provide an annotated index with links to all postings.

We may use it also to solve what can be a problem with sequential blogs: that they present the sequence backwards to the reader. If that proves to be inconvenient we will use this site to present them in the correct order. Before we decide we will have to see how the substance evolves.

The eventual book, a new The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, will have seven chapters, like the original, and a preface. It may be that we can partition the terrain over which we must range on our hunt at least tentatively, right from the beginning, and drop the blog postings into the appropriate one as they are written. We will experiment with that idea when the hunt begins.

In the meantime the table below links to an earlier premature attempt to get started. Whatever is worth keeping from the five "missives" of that time will appear in early blog postings.

Missives 1 & 2 (posted March 28th, 2018) Preparing for Celebration

The Leacock iSymposium

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town: The Learning Resource, by PLEA (Public Legal Education Association, Saskatoon)
Missives 3 & 4 (posted April 11th, 2018) The Ballad of Stephen Leacock; Stephen Leacock Briefly
My Academic Career, by Sheldon Bookman. A new story with a close Leacockian antecedent.
Missives 5 & 6 (posted May 30, 2018); On the Trail of Unsolved Riddles; Back on the Trail after the Break (pending)

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