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Embarcation: February 2020

Debarcation: When It Happens

Pilgrims: Paul Conway & Friends

A Work in Progress

February 13, 2020

In Pursuit of Social Justice

Unsolved Riddles and All

Social Justice = the practical and political response to the imperative to love our neighbours as ourselves.

This Pilgrimage is Tetrational and Labyrinthine

We imagine a Cretan Labyrinth, its seven rings corresponding to the Seven "Phases of Revelation" of Northrop Frye's Biblical Œvirsaga:

> Creation > Revolution > Law > Wisdom >

Prophecy > Gospel > Apocalypse >

or, in Labyrinthine Order:

> Law > Revolution > Creation > Wisdom >

Apocalypse > Gospel> Prophecy >

Turn >

and proceed back out the way you came

until you arrive where you began

in an Altered Way of Mind

To be 'tetrational' is to reason in Tetrads. Each Tetrad is a four-dimensional continuum of its elements, and therefore poetic, imaginative. This is how we must learn to think if we are to fathom the Unsolved Riddles of Social Justice, and much else.
Labyrinths of course come in many forms, of which the Cretan or Classical is only one. Minotaurs or other dangerous beasts are not found in these labyrinths.

Walk Slowly and Carry a Big Schtick

Schtick = "a particular area of activity or interest; a sphere or scene": OCD; from Yiddish.

The Pilgrim Path to Social Justice

from cities to cities, tetrationally:

from the Purplek-cities

into the Diver-cities

through the Specifi-cities

to the Saga-cities

in stages of

Agitation <> Gravitation <> Levitation <> Revelation


The Attentive Tetrad

Poised + Open + Polysensory + Ambageastic*

'Ambageastic' is a new word meaning 'receptive to riddles', in the sense recommended by Proverbs, chapter 1, verses 5-6 (RSV), translated as 'dark sayings' in the AV. Psalms 78, 2 has 'dark sayings' too.


Ring 3. The Imperative Tetrad (Law):


Ring 2. The Formative Tetrad (Revolution):

Humane + Faithful + Poetic + Resolute

Ring 1. The Effective (Leacock) Tetrad (Creation):

Knowledge + Imagination + Compassion + Humour

Ring 4. The Receptive Tetrad (Wisdom):

Balance + Moderation + Patience + Tranquility

Ring 7. The Active Tetrad (Apocalypse):

Engage + Nurture + Share + Reconcile

Ring 6. The Substantive Tetrad (Gospel):

Love + Faith + Hope + Charity

Ring 5. The Prescriptive Tetrad (Prophecy)

Precept + Riddle + Parable + Proverb

The Middle Ground:

where we turn from Inward to Outward

through the Contemplative Tetrad:

Here + Now + Then + When


5.Prophecy > 6.Gospel > 7.Apocalypse > 4.Wisdom >

1.Creation > 2.Revolution > 3.Law


Canadian Œvirsagas

A Narrative Tetrad

Aboriginal + National + Political + Urbanismal

framed by Four Isms

Liberalism + Pluralism + Globalism + Optimism


Social Justice and its Unsolved Riddles

Decidedly a Work in Progress

If you are joining this Pilgrimage, please invite your friends.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to your participation.


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in Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Producer: Paul W Conway

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